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1700 Multigrain

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This Model of Roller Mill Produces Flour from whole Wheat (for Whole Wheat flour & ATTA flour), whole Rye or Teff, as well as Flour from DE-Hulled (Groats) Buckwheat, Corn, Millet or Rice. Processing up to 1700 lb. / 800 kg of grain per hour. It is possible to produce Flour from many other Grains or Groats having: humidity up to 13.5%, fat up to 3%, sugar up to 2%.

This model is designed for commercial twenty-four-hour use.

During operation, there is practically no need for additional machinery or tools, most parts can be purchased locally. Grinding rollers are highly wear-resistant and can withstand up to eight additional re-corrugations.

Simple servicing procedure requires two operators, using the operations manual available either in print or digital version. Product change-over time takes only 2-3 hours.

Specialized buildings are not necessary. Existing warehouse style buildings with the mill installed on a single floor and minimal height clearance is a standard for this mill. The mill combines minimal electrical consumption and easy portability with an elegant design.

Full productivity is guaranteed, the mill produces high-quality flour at the indicated rates immediately upon Start-up.

Basic characteristics of the basic equipment

  • Main characteristics:
    up to 1763 lb. / 800 kg per hour, Capacity of input product
    85-95 %, Extraction of Buckwheat Flour
    85-95 %, Extraction of Corn Flour
    85-95 %, Extraction of Millet Flour
    88-98 %, Extraction of Rice Flour
    85-88 %, Extraction of Rye Flour
    85-95 %, Extraction of Teff Flour
    0-13 %, Extraction of Bran
    2 %, By-product
    via Mechanical & Pneumatic methods, Automatic conveying
    3000 cubic meters per hour, High-pressure fan capacity
    80 (with the use of hearing protection) dBa, Noise level rating
    100 dB, Vibration acceleration

    * Specifications:
    21,6 ft / 6,6 m, Length overall
    5,9 ft / 1,8 m, Width overall
    11,5 ft / 3,5 m, Height overall
    9038 lb. / 4100 kg, Weight
    8,2x8,9 ft / 2,5x2,7 m, Min dock door opening (W x H)
    3 Phase 4 Wire, Wye Type, Electrical supply
    208/240/480/600 or 380/400 V, Voltage
    208-245 V, Single Phase Input Voltage (option)
    60 / 50 Hz, Frequency
    26 kW per hour, Power consumption

    * Cleaning section:
    1 Receiving hopper
    1 Destoner
    2 Pneumatic separators
    1 Airlock
    2 Gear reducers
    2 Magnetic separators
    1 Sieve cleaner
    1 Indented cylinder (for separates short impurities)
    3 Waste containers
    1 Scourer

    * Milling section:
    47 Magnetic separators
    16 Airlocks
    2 Gear reducers
    6 Roller sets
    2 Cylindrical reducers
    5 Transparent self-sinks
    4 Pneumatic centrifugal sifters (two-system)
    1 Centrifugal sifter
    12 Complete sieves (with spare parts)
    6 Flow switches on product pipelines
    1 Bagging pothole
    4 Bagging pipes
    1 Bagging screw conveyor
    1 Drive guard

    * Transportation of products:
    1 High-pressure fan
    1 Block of cleaning cyclones
    1 Block of filter bags
    1 Aspiration and product pipelines
    3 Cyclone separators 260
    4 Cyclone separators 400
    1 Spouts

    * Electrical equipment:
    1 Electric panel
    1 Airlocks speed control device
    1 Electrical wiring conduit
    1 Stop button
    1 Alarm signal
    12 Electric motors drives

    * Anticorrosion coating:

    * Manual:
    Print version
    Digital version
    Video version