Bread is the essence of life. Cereal grains have sustained mankind for centuries. Modern grain, flour and bread businesses should consider vertical integration, which means producing Flour from whole Wheat, Rye or Teff, as well as Flour from DE-Hulled (Groats) Buckwheat, Corn, Millet or Rice.

ECOMILL® is a brand which is embodied by 100 years of experience and is here to help you. Just install one of ECOMILL® grain mill models next to your grain storage or bakery. Process from 400 to 12000 metric tons (15,000 bushels to 450,000 bushels) of grain per year. You will get a double benefit from grinding grain into flour.

ECOMILL® Roller Grain Mills extract high quality snow-white Wheat Flour ("All-Purpose", "Bread" and "Whole-Wheat"), Rice Flour, Rye Flour ("White Rye Flour", "Rye Flour" and "Dark Rye Flour"), Buckwheat Flour and Flour from many other Grains or Groats having: humidity up to 13.5%, fat up to 3%, sugar up to 2%.

Traditional approach and innovative technologies: Complete cycle equipment with capacity of 200 to 2200 kilograms (440 to 5200 pounds) of grain per hour.

Easy-to-operate, reliable, compact size, energy-saving: High performance mills are designed for professional 24/7 use.

Ecologically safe production: Ecomill flour mills combine minimal electrical usage and portability with an elegant design.