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440 Norm

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This model of Roller Mill produces Wheat Flour "Bread ~0.8% Ash" processing 440 lb. / 200 kg of grain per hour.

~0.8% Ash flour or strong flour is high in gluten protein, with 11.5-13.5% protein. The increased protein binds to the flour to entrap carbon dioxide released by the yeast fermentation process, resulting in a higher rise and chewier crust.

Our mill's unbleached flour (freshly milled flour is yellowish) maintains more gluten-producing potential. Better Baking flour effect can be achieved by letting the flour oxidize with oxygen in the air ("natural aging") for approximately 10 days.

This model is designed for up to seven hours of production per day, and an hour for cool down & cleaning. This mill, having capabilities of several qualities of Flours, is best suited for Bakeries and Grain Producers.

During operation, there is practically no need for additional machinery or tools, most parts can be purchased locally. Grinding rollers are highly wear-resistant and can withstand up to eight additional re-corrugations.

Simple servicing procedure requires one operator, using the operations manual available either in print or digital version. Product change-over time takes only 15 minutes.

Specialized buildings are not necessary. Existing warehouse style buildings with the mill installed on a single floor and minimal height clearance is a standard for this mill. The mill combines minimal electrical consumption and easy portability with an elegant design.

Full productivity is guaranteed, the mill produces high-quality flour at the indicated rates immediately upon Start-up. Dampening of Wheat may further improve extraction rate and quality of Flour.

Basic characteristics of the basic equipment

  • Main characteristics:
    440 lb. / 200 kg per hour, Capacity of grain input
    75 %, Extraction of Flour ~0.8% Ash
    23 %, Extraction of Bran
    2 %, By-product
    via Mechanical methods, Automatic conveying
    80 dBa, Noise level rating
    100 dB, Vibration acceleration

    * Specifications:
    4,3 ft / 1,3 m, Length overall
    7,9 ft / 2,4 m, Width overall
    8,2 ft / 2,5 m, Height overall
    2755 lb. / 1250 kg, Weight
    8,2x8,9 ft / 2,5x2,7 m, Min dock door opening (W x H)
    3 Phase 4 Wire, Wye Type, Electrical supply
    208/240/480/600 or 380/400 V, Voltage
    208-245 V, Single Phase Input Voltage (option)
    60 / 50 Hz, Frequency
    10 kW per hour, Power consumption

    * Cleaning section:
    1 Receiving hopper
    1 Grain disk feeder
    2 Gear reducers
    1 Sieve cleaner
    1 Indented cylinder (for separates short impurities)
    1 Indented cylinder (for separates long impurities)
    2 Waste containers

    * Milling section:
    14 Magnetic separators
    1 Gear reducer
    3 Roller sets
    1 Cylindrical reducer
    4 Transparent self-sinks
    2 Centrifugal sifters (two-system)
    6 Complete sieves (with spare parts)
    1 Bagging pipe
    1 Bagging screw conveyor
    1 Drive guard

    * Transportation of products:
    4 Screw conveyors
    1 Spouts

    * Electrical equipment:
    1 Electric panel
    1 Electrical wiring conduit
    1 Stop button
    1 Alarm signal
    9 Electric motors drives

    * Anticorrosion coating:

    * Manual:
    Print version
    Digital version
    Video version