ECOMILL 440 Standard in Essex, UK

At first, we didn't run the mill for a whole day. We had been running the mill in whilst we tested small batches of wheat. Some of what we have grown this year isn’t much good for milling. It's normally dry in Essex compared to the rest of the Country but this year has been shocking. Cold and wet. But, please see the range of flour we have now produced on the 440!
The range of flour produced with help of ECOMILL 440 Standard
The 440 mill we have should run best on a moisture content of 13.5% to 14.5%. We have wheat straight from the harvest with a moisture content of 14.4%. We are having to dry the wheat this year as we harvested most of it at 16%. During our sample runs we ran it directly with 71% flour and 29% bran. But we didn’t run the rollers very tight.

Now we can see the importance of running the mill to the specification, 200 kg per yields a higher percentage of white flour. Or we think it does. Then, there is moisture content which is so important. We think the mills have a huge future in England as food supply and farming is looking to cut food miles and add value for the farm. Our mill is running perfectly and the product it produces is extremely good. It amazes us every time we run it. In a few months we are sure we will need the bigger mill.