New mills delivered to Colorado farmer


On March 25, ECOMILL successfully delivered two mills for a farmer in Colorado, USA. The buyer's choice was 440 Standard and 440 Multigrain.

Mills loaded on the truck

These mills are characterized by ease of use, small size and affordable price. With these two mills, you can produce flour from a huge variety of grains and groats such as whole Wheat, whole Rye or Teff, DE-Hulled (Groats) Buckwheat, Corn, Millet or Rice.

Unloading at the farmers place

Our customers rebuild old unused facility to minimize building costs. In the near future our professionals will come to the site to install these mills and train future millers, who will work on them. The Ecomill team is confident that with our equipment, customers will be able to make a high-quality product that will definitely find its place in the market.