Welcome to the ECOMILL showroom!


Welcome to our showroom! Here you can see outstanding opportunities of ECOMILL mills.

ECOMILL has its own showroom in Denver, Colorado

ECOMILL roller mills are represented here with two functional models: ECOMILL 440 Standard and ECOMILL 1500 Expert. You can find the description of each mill in the Catalog at our website.

The guests of the showroom are grinding teff with ECOMILL 440 Standard

You are welcome to watch the full cycle of wheat milling and test the highest quality of the snow-white flour. If you wish to grind another type of grain, you can also do it as an experiment at our showroom.

The training for the clients from Canada on operating ECOMILL 1500 Expert

ECOMILL also has a warehouse which always has several mills in stock ready for shipment. The warehouse is situated near the showroom.